About Us

SequelMed®, founded in 1995, is a privately held, dynamic medical software company headquartered in Melville, NY. The integrated line of software products, healthcare IT solutions, business services, and technical support cater to physician practices, health organizations, hospitals, and billing companies.

To meet the critical challenge of simplifying the complex medical records, healthcare IT needed for a solid foundation to achieve quality outcomes, SequelMed has brought together a dedicated team of professionals and leading industry partners; the result is a company with a diverse product portfolio that is revolutionizing healthcare.

Company Philosophy

We believe in harnessing new technologies to bring change for good. SequelMed has fostered ‘AAA’ values that are reflected in the solutions we provide, i.e.

  • Strength of Analysis
  • Flexibility to Adopt, &
  • Power to Alter

Nexus of Experience, Expertise and Technology

Developing healthcare IT solutions is not just about good technology––effective systems work in perfect harmony when there is a thorough understanding of the business it is intended to support. SequelMed collaborated with the best providers and business experts to develop solutions that are comprehensive and responsive to the needs of physicians and healthcare organizations, capable of catering their needs at operational and administrative levels. SequelMed's uniqueness lies in its successful integration of experience, expertise and technology, melding them together to provide all-inclusive solutions.

An Array of Software Products and Medical Solutions

SequelMed’s flagship medical software products provide comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions that are ideal for any size practice. The wide range of trademarked products speak volumes with regards to resourcefulness and have the capability to serve physicians practices nationwide.

Support and Reach

Because of our extensive support and professional relationship building, our customers become lifetime partners. From adoption to training, we support them at every stage. Similarly, SequelMed maintains one centralized database, regardless of how many businesses, practices, providers, or locations exist within an enterprise or group. Thus, an office in New York can easily share data with an office in California. We share one place, with many solutions.