Electronic prescribing technology allows healthcare professionals to safely and securely transfer prescriptions to the pharmacies through electronic prescription tools.

SequelMed e-Prescribe (eRx) is designed to eliminate errors and speed up the transfer of information between healthcare professionals and pharmacies. The system offers improved patient safety, prescribing accuracy, efficiency and reduced health care costs by precluding adverse drug reactions.

SequelMed E-Prescribe Increases Returns

SequelMed is SureScripts-RxHub certified, permitting prescribers to electronically and securely order prescriptions. Electronic Prescribing facilitates timely refills helping to ensure patient compliance.

The connection to SureScripts-RxHub grants physicians’ access to valuable, real-time pharmacy and payer information prior to writing prescriptions. This technology increases prescription effectiveness and provides additional conveniences for the patient, as the prescription waiting to be picked up at the pharmacy before a patient leaves the physician’s office.

SequelMed E-Prescribe Benefits

  • SureScripts-RxHub certification provides real time drug data, benefit details, formulary data, and access to medication history nationally
  • Web-based technology makes sure faster access and greater prescriber mobility, regardless of where the physician is, the medication can be renewed, refilled or prescribed so the patient can begin the therapy immediately
  • Robust reporting capability with the ability to customize reports
  • Patient-specific Drug Utilization Review (DUR) and compliance programs for improved patient treatment outcomes through better drug utilization tracking
  • Automated patient-specific clinical information and demographics
  • State specific e-prescribing regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive online drug reference guide using Gold Standard’s Alchemy database for all prescriptions, OTC medications and supplies approved by the FDA
  • Fully integrated to work with SequelMed EMR and EHR systems
  • Improved patient safety and quality of care, reduced medication errors
  • Mitigates time spent on phone calls and call-backs to pharmacies
  • Decreases time needed to fax prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Automates the prescription renewal request and authorization process
  • Improves drug surveillance and recall ability

E-Prescribing Incentive Facts

Physicians who prescribe Medicare Part D drugs electronically will be rewarded with additional incentives. However, those incentives eventually will run out, and penalties will begin for physicians who continue to write paper prescriptions.

E-Prescription Incentives & Penalties

Year Incentive Penalty
2012 1% 1%
2013 0.5% 1.5%
Beyond None 2%

For more information on the 2012 eRx measure specifications, release notes, and claims-based reporting principles for the eRx Incentive Program, click here.