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March 09, 2009

Sequel Systems' Endorses County Executive Steve Levy's Move to Digitize Medical Records in Suffolk County Health Centers

Melville, NY (March 9, 2009) – Sequel Systems highly commends and supports Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy's initiative towards implementing digitizing medical records in Suffolk, said Irfan Iqbal, Director of Medical Informatics, Sequel Systems Inc. Given that we are also in Suffolk County, we believe it to be a source of pride to be at the forefront of implementing President Barack Obama's call to standardize and digitize all health records by 2014 through the steps that will be taken by Mr. Levy at Suffolk County health centers.
At a press conference on March 5 hosted by Mr. Levy , he said an electronic medical record (EMR) system will give county healthcare providers access to secured electronic files of patient data and histories, laboratory and X-ray results and medical transcription notes. Mr. Levy added that he will include the EMR initiative in Suffolk’s 2010 capital budget, and that the county has filed a request for federal stimulus funds to be used toward implementing the system.
An analysis by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services indicates that the move to EMR in the health centers could save the county more than $1 million after implementation. In addition, the EMR technology would provide for improvements in quality of life because it would enable a more integrated approach to disease management.
As paper begins to disappear, Mr. Iqbal says, utilizing technological devices to provide secure, timely and logically organized access to clinical information will become more realistic and imperative. Sequel’s strategy through it’s flagship product SequelMed® focuses on providing EHR software solutions that promote using health information technology to improve patient safety reporting and data analysis and to prevent medical errors by providing built-in safety management protocols and risk-assessment tools including early warnings and alerts, especially in the design of most vulnerable area – the ordering, preparation and dispensing of medications.
Mr. Iqbal added that there are many factors healthcare organizations should consider when selecting an information technology company, such as the functionality of the product, as well as servicing and supporting or “hand-holding” the client organization(s) in order to facilitate the overall adaptability, transition, implementation and continued success of the client.
Sequel Systems applauds Mr. Levy's commitment to making Suffolk the first county in New York State to digitize medical records and look forward to contributing towards all such efforts.
For more information, contact Sequel Systems, Inc. at 800.965.2728 or 631.694.3600.