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March 11, 2016

SequelMed is Pleased to Release Companion iPad App to its SequelMed EHR.

SequelMed is pleased to release companion iPad App to its SequelMed EHR.

SequelMed EHR allows access from anywhere and anytime, however iPad App further enhances that mobility. The native iPad App allows for simultaneous and seamless operation between the App and SequelMed EHR.

According to Khurshid Mughal, President & CEO of SequelMed; we have decided to offer iPad App free of charge to our EHR clients as appreciation of their continued support.

The iPad app will be available starting March 21st through our partner company. Please contact SequelMed Support to take immediate advantage of SequelMed EHR companion iPad App and we look forward to your feedback.

We at SequelMed are committed to bringing technology that allows our clients to offer the highest quality patient care while optimizing practice management.

® iPad is a Registered Trademark of Apple Inc.