A comprehensive front desk and back office practice management solution, which fully automates billing, claim processing, revenue management, clinical procedures and produce analytical reports.

SequelMed® EPM (Electronic Practice Management software) is a scalable solution for both small and large, single or multi-specialty medical practices, groups, billing companies and hospitals. The solution is also ideal for integrated healthcare delivery systems, no-fault insurance and workers compensation receivable funding service organizations.

Fully integrated with SequelMed EMR Software, it allows practices to harness the power of electronic medical records and electronic practice management, resulting in an ideal medical software solution that takes care of all clinical as well as administrative matters. Our medical practice management software supports information sharing among different groups while maintaining the autonomy of each practice, location and provider.

Comprehensive Case Management
SequelMed EPM takes hold of each medical case from scratch and seamlessly processes all stages of a practice, maintaining unique records from entry level to final payments.

Financial Management
Automated management of inward and outward payments. Nothing slips through the cracks; cash flow improves well-managed resources, enhances productivity and augments revenues.

Automated Batch Processing
Tiers of records maintenance, batch process administration reports, medical case, statements, financial reports and patient ledgers.

Extensive Claim Scrubbing
Electronic analysis of patient eligibility, authorization and accurate coding for billing.

Plan Specific Edits and Regulations
Pulls up data with unique identifiers, batch recall and standardizes claims according to set regulations.

Enterprise-wide Roll-up Reporting
Links all locations of an enterprise within and with third party systems as well as clearinghouses and invokes end-of-day reports and spreadsheets. Improved front desk and back office efficiency.

Automated and Integrated Document Management
Logical indexing and archiving of electronic reports and records; maintains the integrity through enhanced security protocols.

EMR Integration
Seamlessly works with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application and brings forth the power of two by integrating both the systems.