Administrators Testimonials

"Cal Arundel Family Medicine has benefited tenfold from adopting SequelMed's EMR and appreciates the ease of accessibility in retrieving patient data, scheduling appointments and accepting co-pays. The office staff found the implementation process to be very hands-on and user friendly, enough so that a 76 year old staff member quickly picked up on the workflow process."


Cal Arundel Family Medicine

Mary Louise Wisniewski
Huntingtown, MD

"SequelMed EMR is very user friendly and has increased workflow efficiency within the practice since all the patient information is at your fingertips."


Central Jersey Ankle & Foot Care Specialists, LLC

Terri L. Cassell
Aberdeen, NJ

"SequelMed's EHR has provided Delaware Ob-Gyn & Women's Health, LLC the ability to create a uniformed work environment with less clutter. An additional benefit to working with the system is the customizability; it allows me to operate the way that works best for me and the office."


Delaware Ob-Gyn & Women's Health, LLC

Jessica Shetzler
Dover, DE

The implementation process for Dermatology Associates of Central NY went well. The training for the EHR that Sequel provided made for an easy transition; the practice was back up to speed within three days.


Dermatology Associates of Central NY

Chuck Pattison
Fayetteville, NY

"With the use of SequelMed’s EMR, Dr. Ford’s office has had the ability to use less paper, and what paper is used, is scanned into the system, which is most helpful. The adoption of the EMR has been an overall good & beneficial experience."


Dr. Lance Ford

Sandy Wheat
Carthage, MO

"As with any major change, Gotham City Orthopedics experienced some resistance during the transition phase to SequelMed's EMR. The staff at Sequel has been patient and most helpful in providing support when needed."


Gotham City Orthopedics

Sabina Smith
Clifton, NJ

In order for staff to learn how to use the SequelMed EPM software, training is definitely needed. Sequel Systems did a wonderful job providing training sessions for Dr. Gupta as well as the practice staff at our convenience. The implementation of the software was smooth and effective and has allowed for an improvement with regard to the rate of efficiency within the office – Information is able to be processed much quicker! I truly enjoy the fact that the system is paperless and everything I need is at my fingertips. The use of the EPM has removed almost all need for paper as well as cut down the amount of staff needed to complete certain tasks.


Gupta Gastro Associates

Cara Conte
Brooklyn, NY

After the practice adopted SequelMed’s EHR, all pertinent information taken at the time of registration is 100% accurate and easily accessible when it needs to be retrieved at a later date. The EHR has greatly improved the workflow within the practice and is very user friendly. From a billing standpoint, the software is helpful in that you can make sure a patient has insurance coverage and reference what services have been paid.


Mid-Queens Medical

Nasi Gorjian
Great Neck, NY

"With the use of SequelMed's EMR, the practice has seen a significant improvement in workflow productivity. Three of the biggest benefits have been the data entry of progress notes, improved billing in that it takes less time to process and involves fewer errors and that all the patient information is at your fingertips, which is most helpful."


San Juan Foot and Ankle Center

Michelle Mousner
Montrose, CO

Skylands Medical Group adopted SequelMed’s EPM in 2005. After the system was implemented, our business office which consists of eight full-time reimbursement specialists and one part-time clerk functions efficiently. Utilizing SequelMed EPM while handling the billing for twenty-three providers, two physician assistants, two nurse practitioners across ten locations, Skylands was able to experience a steady increase in our collections ratios. We closed with a 67% collection rate. With that being said, I feel that the software definitely allowed for an increase in efficiency and cost reductions. Some true benefits to using the system were that it made the AM close and editing much easier. In addition, the claim scrubber helped to greatly decrease expenditures. I hold SequelMed in high regard and consider it a valuable system to have in place.


Skylands Medical Group

Marion Pastrana
Newton, NJ

"V&S Medical Associates are still in the infancy stage of adopting the EHR, but the learning process has been positive and the system support has been very helpful. With using the EHR, it has increased our coding ability in turn increasing our revenue based on code. We are also noticing that the office is taking more of a "Go Green" initiative and utilizing less paper which is great."


V&S Medical Associates, P.C.

Susan Pascarella
Bradford, PA