Billing Companies Testimonials

"SequelMed EPM has significantly increased productivity and organization due to the ease of the workflow and follow-up. The system is fantastic, as it has allowed us to take 16,000 patient "Paper" records per month and turn them into images which has lent to a higher level of productivity."


ABC Medical

Mike Piazza
Phoenix, AZ

"AMED Billing, Inc. has taken a more "Green" initiative and drastically reduced in-house storage of files thanks to SequelMed's EPM. Employees find the system easy to navigate and user friendly. There is a great appreciation for the system's ability to scan documents, attach them to patient records and locate them in the system because it has increased productivity and efficiency by 80%. Downloading EOB's and following up on collections, cuts time and has significantly improved day to day tasks."


AMED Billing, Inc.

Sue Pankow
Aurora, IL

"CMed Management Group, LLC runs on SequelMed EPM and has experienced a high return on investment with less manpower. Before the adoption of the EPM, the company was more like a mom-and-pop. Now, after the adoption, the company did a 180 degree turn and is technology driven in turn experiencing a higher level of functionality, efficiency and productivity. As far as the Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tool, it is wonderful and speaks the language I like, making for a smooth, paperless, customizable workflow."


CMED Management Group, LLC

Dinesh Govil
Waterford, CT

"SequelMed's EPM has proved vital to improving productivity and efficiency exponentially at E Central Medical Management. We have been able to create a paperless accounts receivable process, which in turn has made each member of our staff significantly more efficient. The EPM has made communication, collections, follow-up and overall day-to-day tasks much easier to manage."


ECM - Total Solutions for the Medical Practice

Louis Burke
New Hyde Park, NY

"Billing performance and staff efficiency has improved dramatically since we adopted SequelMed's EPM system seven years ago and we have found responsiveness and support to be great. SequelMed's robust reporting capability also enables us to track every claim, monitor payer reimbursement, and easily extract all of the decision support information we need. The whole system makes day-to-day workflow, collections and follow-up easy to manage."


ENGAGE Healthcare Business Solutions

Craig Adkins
Columbus, OH

"In 2004, Health Care Practice Management, Inc. transitioned from a Unix based practice management system to SequelMed's Oracle based EPM. The decision to purchase SequelMed was driven by several selling features which included better reporting capabilities for our clients and the powerful collections module, as well as the document management solution for scanning of all charges and EOB's directly into the software. The collections module allows us to electronically work the A/R and keep track of every call made and the results of the call. The collections module is driven by actions and reasons which allows us to monitor the trends and patterns of adjudication or denials of the claims. We purchased the Business Intelligence software two years ago to even further enhance our reporting capabilities and allow our clients to access reports at any given time to meet their needs through a dashboard. We cut our month end processing for 40 clients from two full days of staff time to ½ day each month. I am thrilled to have the ability to provide my clients with any type of report at any time to meet their ever changing needs to stay successful. In addition, the BI software has been a tremendous help with the internal operations to better monitor daily flow of work for our staff. SequelMed's EPM makes for better day to day workflow productivity and increases staff efficiency."


Health Care Practice Management, Inc.

Cindy Groux
Wilmington, DE

"Med Associates, Inc. has found the tools within SequelMed's EPM to be quite helpful. Utilizing the Business Intelligence tool to pull reports makes the process easier and quicker, while the built in follow-up and collections module aids in following up on unresolved claims. The system lends to the productivity and efficiency that the company demands."


Med Associates, Inc.

Cathy Alvey
Latham, NY

"SequelMed EPM has been an excellent system to use because it is user friendly. It has also helped improve productivity and staff efficiencies by 98% at Medical Data Resources, Inc. The support team are phenomenal and helped us transition to a new server, making the experience stress-free."


Medical Data Resources, Inc.

Margaret Jellenik
Nesconset, NY

"Without outstanding tools, even the best carpenter is limited in what he can create. SequelMed provides the backbone to my organization from which all day to day tasks are driven. SequelMed allows me to structure all work-flow to be cost-effective, consistent, efficient and results driven. The data analysis tools allow me to establish benchmarks and metrics keeping my management team on top of employee productivity, client performance and overall quality and consistency of results. With SequelMed I can remain competitive while still delivering substantial value-added to my clients."


Medical Practice Innovations, Inc.

Anthony Sarro, Jr.
Brooklyn, NY

"PBI adopted SequelMed's EPM in 2005 after being on an outdated legacy-type system prior to that time. Overall, productivity and efficiency increased dramatically with a much more organized workflow. In addition, the system is ideally designed for the office-based practice environment with an integrated scheduling application as well as an integrated EMR. The reporting capabilities of the system are amazing and limitless in terms of access to practice data. SequelMed is a complete end-to-end solution which can't be beat!"


Professional Billing, Inc.

J. Doug Bush, CPA
Montgomery, AL