Physicians Testimonials

Upon implementing SequelMed’s EHR at Advanced Rheumatology, the workflow has improved. The ability to have pertinent patient information in a centrally located database has been quite beneficial as referring to a health record is as easy as clicking a button. Features in the system that are most useful are the ability to generate notes, send information to referring physicians and ePrescribe.


Advanced Rheumatology

Louise Raminfard, M.D., F.A.C.R.
Huntington, NY

The implementation process of SequelMed’s EHR for Allergy Asthma Immunology of Rochester was gradual, which served the practice well.  Elements of the EHR were put into effect one at a time, giving the staff time to adjust without decreasing their productivity.  Shortly after the implementation, AAIR observed a welcomed positive return on investment (ROI).  The practice has also experienced the benefits of the increased speed of check-in, efficiency of e-prescribing, instantaneous access to patient records as well as the ability to decrease the amount of labor and supplies lending to a more "green" office.


Allergy, Asthma, Immunology of Rochester, PC

Peter Deane, M.D., FACR, FAAAAI
Rochester, NY

Accessibility and convenience are the operable words to use when it comes to describing SequelMed’s EMR. Searching through the file room to retrieve a patient’s file is a thing of the past, as all pertinent data is now at my fingertips. The customizable templates allow for a smooth, efficient workflow as does the ability to ePrescribe. Submitting information electronically has helped the office take on a more "Green" initiative, which we have found to be quite beneficial.


Cal Arundel Family Medicine

Stan Wisniewski, M.D.
Huntingtown, MD

"I have found that the user friendly templates have improved my workflow and made charting patient information a much quicker process.  The ability to have all the information in one centralized database is quite helpful and beneficial for me and the practice staff."


Central Jersey Ankle & Foot Care Specialists, LLC.

Christopher Mullin, DPM
Aberdeen, NJ

Upon comparing to other systems, I thought that SequelMed EHR was the best fit for my practice, Deekay Medical Center. The system is user friendly and will help create a more paperless work environment which makes referencing patient information much easier.


Deekay Medical Center

Ruby Ibekwe, M.D.
Baton Rouge, LA

Upon implementing SequelMed EHR, we found that it was easy to customize the templates so that they are specific to our practice and the flexibility of the system allowed us to easily set up an efficient workflow in our office. The SequelMed implementation team has been really responsive throughout our training and we found it very helpful having our reseller come on-site for additional training and to reinforce what we had learned in the on-line training sessions. The EHR helps our practice comply with documentation requirements for insurance and Medicare, while the built-in E/M coder is a great tool for accurate coding. We love many of the system’s built in shortcuts such as having the ICD-9s carry forward from our clinical documentation to the superbill which reduces errors and saves us time and is one of the many examples of just how user-friendly the system is.


Direct Medical Access

Rahel Yirga, MD
Leesburg, VA

Sequel Systems tailored its EHR system to meet EANQ's unique workflow and the specific needs of the practice and its patients. The software lends the ability to work from anywhere, whether it be from home, the office or a remote location, our patients information is at our fingertips whenever it is needed. The adoption of the EHR has become a way of life granting EANQ an increase in efficiency and organization. The diminished use of paper, allowing the practice to be more “Green” and no longer having a need for a transcriptionist have been additional benefits to the adoption of the EHR. With regards to system support, we have found it to be very helpful, especially in cases when support is needed to assist with time sensitive matters.


Endocrine Associates of Nassau & Queens, PC

Susan Wasserman, M.D., F.A.C.E.
Great Neck, NY

Excel Urgent Care opened its doors while utilizing SequelMed’s EHR which has been beneficial to the practice. The system is flexible, easy to use and allows for workflow in the practice to remain consistent. When called upon, the system support team is most helpful and act promptly. My overall experience with SequelMed’s EHR has been excellent.


Excel Urgent Care

Mazher Hussain, M.D., F.A.C.N.M.
Columbus, OH

The thorough implementation process provided by Sequel Systems allowed my practice to delve into a paperless system with ease. Being able to enter and reference patient information faster is beneficial to my workflow. The fact that the software is paperless helps to minimize costs and be more of an eco-friendly practice. As far as system support, I have always found the support team to be helpful and process tickets in a timely fashion, typically less than 24 hours.


Jeffrey Tan Ho, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Tan Ho
Garden Grove, CA

Long Island Heart Associates has multiple offices operating SequelMed’s EHR, which has greatly increased efficiencies and productivity. The system allows for patient information to be at your fingertips, making for faster and easier retrieval of patient information and old charts. The office is undoubtedly “greener” because of the diminished use of paper charts.


Long Island Heart Associates

Steven Shayani, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Mineola, NY

After the practice adopted SequelMed’s EHR, I have found the three biggest benefits to be the ability to ePrescribe, schedule patients and receive payments in a timely manner. The implementation went according to my schedule and when support is needed, it is fast, detailed and quite helpful.


Mid-Queens Medical

Roland Nassim M.D.
Great Neck, NY

After adopting SequelMed’s reasonably priced EMR, I have experienced the benefit of being able to access pertinent patient data remotely, in turn helping to improve the workflow within the practice. An additional advantage to adopting SequelMed’s EMR is the ePrescribe application, it makes prescribing medication error proof.


Milad Shaker, MD Family Practice

Milad Shaker, M.D.
Mt. Pleasant, PA

By way of using SequelMed’s EHR, the workflow and staff efficiency has improved significantly at North Jersey Neurology Care. The system, which is very user friendly allows for better documentation, ease of workflow and provides legible notes for the practice staff to reference. The Sequel System staff are very supportive, understanding and conducted the implementation in a timely fashion.


North Jersey Neurology Care

Mohammad F Padela, M.D.
Clifton, NJ

SequelMed's EMR has made me more efficient and grants me the ability to reference patient information from anywhere when I'm on call. I am able to finish my charting faster than when I used paper charts. The templates are extraordinarily customizable, allowing me to tailor the EMR to our workflow. The e-prescription module is my favorite feature and I now prefer it over paper scrips. Patients love it because they can save the step of bringing a paper scrip to the pharmacy.


Port Jefferson Dermatology

Peter Klein, M.D., F.A.A.D
Port Jefferson, NY

SequelMed’s EMR allows me to review patient information quickly and from anywhere which is very convenient. The EMR has benefitted the practice overall in that is very helpful, reliable and user friendly. Should technical support be needed, requesting help is easy and the response is fast.


San Juan Foot and Ankle Center

Christopher Cook, DPM
Montrose, CO