What makes SequelMed better from its competitors?

SequelMed stands out from its competitors because it was developed in conjunction with physicians and experts from the medical billing eld. Through this collaboration, SequelMed has developed a product that handles all of the intricacies of practice management with ease and simplicity. Unlike most programs on the market that simply submit claims and oer canned reports, SequelMed focuses on open and secure data access across the enterprise. Whenever possible, the system incorporates automation, workow and process attention, collections tools that produce results, and a system that will grow as your business does.

SequelMed is powered by Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is a secure Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database. SequelMed EHR (Electronic Health Records), EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EPM (Electronic Practice Management) support Oracle Database 11g R2 and for Server we can support Oracle Linux 5.5 or higher as well as all Unix platforms and Windows 2003, Windows 2008 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

The database can support tens of thousands of users, and hundreds of terabytes of data in an open, network-based architecture of distributed computing. Oracle manages a multi-tier, multi-platform environment and is designed to meet the performance, reliability, and scalability demands of network-centric and data-centric computing environments. Oracle meets these demands in traditional enterprise applications, mission-critical enterprise-scale applications as well as e-commerce and on the Web applications. SequelMed's goals are clear; to use its blend of knowledge of the healthcare industry, business experience and technical expertise to streamline the way physician practices are managed.

Does SequelMed provide EDI?

Yes, SequelMed offers a complete suite of fully integrated EDI transactions leading to faster reimbursement, lower cost, streamlined administration, and maximized productivity. EDI capabilities include direct claim submissions, remittance posting, eligibility verification, referral authorization, patient statement processing, custom-designed HL-7 connectivity and laboratory interfacing.

Does SequelMed do electronic remittance?

Yes, it is essential that your business can fully capitalize on the benefits of electronically interfacing to as many third party resources as you choose. SequelMed provides unlimited direct electronic claim submission to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial carriers.

Can SequelMed schedule multiple provider/resource appointments?

Yes, SequelMed’s scheduling feature is a simple and effective feature allowing multiple provider/resource appointments. Scheduling is automated, allowing resources and patients to be scheduled and viewed across enterprise practices, locations and providers. The demands of the single provider or resource as well as complex multi-provider, multi-location organizations are met. Integrated with billing, SequelMed expedites charge entry and ensures that charges are generated for all patients seen.

Does SequelMed offer comprehensive claims, statements, and provisions for bulk billing?

Yes, SequelMed Statements are extremely flexible, comprehensive, and easy to read. Statement groups and statement comments at all levels can be defined for each and shared between practice, location and provider with batch printing (electronic processing) capability. They can also be pended for review before mailing or sending electronically. Full EDI paper and claim editing capabilities support claims. You can view claims before processing and fix the mistakes dynamically right then and there. You can define different printers per workstation for different print jobs (statements, claims, reports, etc.). SequelMed supports an unlimited numbers of billers and coders working simultaneously by tagging every thing they do with their user name and time.

How does SequelMed provide fee and contract Management?

SequelMed Fee Repository functions allows you to easily load plan specific fee regulations. Fees are centrally loaded and available across the enterprise. Fee schedules for Medicare, Worker's Compensation, Medicaid, etc., are accurate to the penny by region and date of service. Plan regulations are enforced at the time of charge entry. Plan regulations include procedure substitutions, global periods, referral enforcement, required reports and charge entry time messaging. SequelMed's unique Plan Fee and Plan Regulation Links make these features simple to maintain.

Will SequelMed help me with Managed Care?

Yes, the beauty of SequelMed is that it learns the rules and regulations necessary for correct claim submission, then automatically enforces those rules. Wherever possible, functions are automated or enhanced to make the processing of insurance claims accurate. This ensures that referral management, CLIA, prior authorization requirements, global period enforcement, Medicare correct coding initiatives and provider plan participation requirements are properly administered. Profitability of capitated plans can instantly be assessed when contracts come up for renewal.

Does SequelMed have custom import / export / query / reporting and ODBC support?

Yes, reporting and analysis is one of powers of SequelMed. Every window in SequelMed can be printed for reporting purpose or saved in different industry formats (Excel, HTML, ASCII, etc.). SequelMed comes with all industry standards and many additional predefined reports. SequelMed also offers SequelMed Query for Desktop, SequelMed Web Query for the Internet and SequelMed Open Query for any ODBC tool. Only SequelMed gives you capability to use any ODBC compliant tools like (Excel, Crystal Reports, Cognos, etc.).

Does SequelMed provide productivity analysis?

Yes, using built in reports and graphs, one can analyze the performance and productivity of the staff or the practice. Statistics based on any parameter (Practice, Provider, Location, User, Plan, Plan Type, Procedure, Financials, etc.) are available for management to constantly monitor, review and analyze. Built in reports include A/R, user statistics, charges, resolved claims, aging days to payment, Follow-Up, payments, productivity, patient, clinical, managed care, scheduling, referrals, patient collections, front desk, accounting/period summaries, utilization and insurance plan statistics to name just a few. Reports can be output to the printer or to a file in any one of many industry standard formats (txt, Excel, HTML, Dbase, etc.).

Can SequelMed do customized reporting?

Yes, SequelMed believes in open yet secure access to all data for statistical analysis opens up a new world of truly understanding and managing the business of your practice. With SequelMed, enterprise-wide reporting capabilities are limited only by your imagination. Create customized reports or letter templates by easily selecting the data you wish to extract from SequelMed's open architecture. Any ODBC compliant tool such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Crystal Reports or Impromptu Cognos can securely generate reports querying data directly from SequelMed. Any PC with a browser can easily access SequelMed reports from anywhere via the Intranet/Internet.

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